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Let’s welcome the Year of the Dog

Posted by breakingnews on January 29, 2006

By Iluminado Varela Jr.

The new year is known as the Year of the Dog.

Although highly regarded in the Orient or East, the dog gets unkind words and insults from the Westerners who say the dog is man’s best friend.

The English language has colorful but cruel words and thoughts for the dog – the 11th of the 12 animal in the Chinese lunar sign.

What does the West say when he wants a fellow man to deteriorate or degenerate? “Go to the dogs.” A low and contemptible fellow is “a dog.” A wretched existence is a “dog’s life.” “Dog days” are hot and uncomfortable days.

The army calls their lousy ration as “dog biscuit.” You can’t teach “an old dog new tricks” because he’s a fellow who has settled habits to adopt new methods or ideas.

A person who keeps others from using something which he has but cannot or will not use is “a dog in the manger.”

When the white man curses he says “I’ll be doggoned if I’ll go.” (That’s a euphemism for “Damn!”)

Now listen to the Orientals, especially the Chinese. Few Chinese are not proud of their late leader: Chou En-lai – tough, resolute, rigid willpower, never without resources – born in the Year of the Dog.

Here are some good things the Orientals associate with this lunar animal sign.

If you have a forthright dog-born friend, you must know that when you are in trouble all you have to do is dial D-O-G. According to the Chinese, the dog person cannot ignore a real call for help. He doesn’t desert easily.

A leader born under the dog sign – like Winston Churchill, King Carl Gustav, Golda Meir, Herbert
Hoover, and Chou – brings stability because people do not usually dare to challenge his authority when they see how intent he is on keeping the peace.

The dog’s leadership is unemotional, although altruistic; and people trust him and hold him in high esteem because of his sense of duty and discretion.

Still about the leader born in the year of the dog, the Chinese say: “The Dog’s resoluteness will cause clashes, upheavals and rebellions of all sorts, but it will be his good sense and largesse that will also smooth things out in the end.”

Here’s something more general on the dog personality. As the most likable sign of all in the Chinese cycle, the dog-born person is honest, intelligent and straightforward.

Although bright and cheerful in appearance, the dog is by nature a pessimist. He can be obstinate and unbending. He may be pugnacious and quarrelsome but he will take his fight to the open and rarely stoops to underhanded methods in order to win.

Dog girls have warm and enduring beauty – Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Cher are but a few of the glamorous examples of famous females born under this sign.

If you are a dog person you’ll be compatible with those born under the following signs: Rat, snake, monkey, boar or another dog. The dog will have difficulty understanding the overconfident dragon and the indulgent sheep.

To sum it up, the dog will always defend what is his. He will have a high sense of value and to him home and family will come first. (PNA Features)


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